James "Sweet Evening Breeze" Herndon

James “Sweet Evening Breeze” Herdon was a pioneer in the LGBTQ community. Sweet Evening Breeze was born in Scott County, KY in 1892 and was considered by some to be the originator of the Lexington drag scene. After growing up in the Good Samaritan Hospital, Sweet Evening Breeze worked as an orderly for more than forty years. Sweet Evening Breeze was well-liked in the Lexington Community and known to participate in random acts of kindness such as baking cookies for people or giving poorer families shoes. During the 1940s and 50s when cross-dressing in public was very rare, Sweet Evening Breeze dressed in women’s clothes. Sweet Evening Breeze enjoyed playing the piano, attending church regularly and loved church music. Later in life, Sweet Evening Breeze lived at the Homestead Nursing Center where Sweet Evening Breeze passed in 1983.