About Us

Sweet Evening Breeze was founded to address the overrepresentation of LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness in Louisville which mirrors national data and the lack of affirming services to address the additional risk they face while on the streets compared to their heterosexual and cisgender counterparts.


What We Offer

We strive to provide Louisville’s young adults experiencing homelessness with an open and affirming environment and are committed to empowering and connecting our residents to vital resources while facilitating their community engagement through the promotion of socially just services, education, and care. In addition to our planned services, we will engage in research to develop and promote promising practices to help inform interventions for the population.

Drop-in Center

Shelter Resources


Syringe Exchange


Mental Health Services

Testing (HIV/HEPC)

Our Inspiration

James Herdon was born in Scott County, KY in 1892. At a young age, he was abandoned in Lexington at the Good Samaritan Hospital where he began working as a teenager, eventually becoming the head orderly.

Locally known as Sweet Evening Breeze or Sweets, he was recognized for his effeminate style, often wearing makeup, scarves, jewerly and at times, dressing in full drag. As the movement for gay and equality began in Lexington, Sweets was instrumental in helping to overtun Lexington’s cross-dressing ordinance.

Despite being a gender non-conforming Black man in a racially tense Jim Crow era, Sweet Evening Breeze was well liked in the community and was known for random acts kindness such as backing cakes or giving shoes to poor families.

It was that hospitality and compassion for others, that helped inspire our purpose and vision to offer LGBTQ+ affirming emergency shelter, food and supportive services for young adults who may experience homelessness and find themselves in need of inclusive resources.