News from the porch – 6.1.21

Plans continue to move forward to open a drop-in space in late June. We’re hunting now for the right location. We are collaborating efforts with other nonprofit organizations to provide future services to our homeless population. These organizations include: Volunteers of America (for HIV testing), Black Trans Louisville (for Trans support services), and YMCA Safe Place (for community outreach). Additionally, Spalding University’s Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy will provide personal support and help clients navigate their specific interests.

In April, we held a strategic planning session covering organizational goals, sustainability, fundraising, programming, staffing and community outreach. The next steps include addressing immediate needs to begin offering services.

Finally, SEB participated in Kentucky Gives this May and raised nearly $1,000 —funds that will go directly toward providing LGBTQ+ affirming services this year.

Giving Sweetly: Ronald P. Cook’s Legacy

The Ronald P. Cook Charitable Remainder Trust recently placed a gift to Sweet Evening Breeze. Committee members Robert Klein, Kristin Crinot and Melinda Sanders chose to recognize SEB in Cook’s honor.

Cook built a small hotel portfolio and made sure that upon his death the remainder of his estate would be used to help abused children. He was a well-respected and successful businessman but was unable to live as his authentic self as a gay man until later in life. The trauma of self-compartmentalization was a heavy physical and mental burden for Cook, but his legacy ensures that this generation finds affirming support in times of need.

“The trajectory of familial, communal and societal abuse of queer children leading to queer youth homelessness is undeniable and the committee hopes their donation can help Sweet Evening Breeze be more impactful in supporting LGBTQ+ homeless young adults bridge to authentic meaningful lives filled with housing stability and love of self”

The Ronald P. Cook Charitable Remainder Trust

Spotlight On…
Sweet Evening Breeze Board

We are proud to announce the addition of Kenneth Cordle and Felicia Williams Young to our distinguished board.

Kenneth is a realtor, educator, HR professional, and passionate LGBTQ+ community rights advocate with deep roots in the community. His activism is fueled by belief in tolerance, inclusion, and stable housing as a human right.

Felicia is a Senior Manager at Metro United Way, where she creates professional development opportunities for youth workers. We’re proud to have her join us, bringing expert training development and facilitation skills and 20+ years of experience supporting vulnerable youth.

Learn more about Kenneth, Felicia, and the rest of our amazing board here.